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Nextep Organization conducts its first session in Raqqa

On October 24, 2021, Nextep organization held a discussion session on employment diversity in Syria in the service of the common good, through Google Meet application, which was attended by 12 people from Raqqa.

The session began with an assessment of the historical and present day impact of diversity in Syria.The participants’ opinions varied on this axis, as some saw that foreign parties repeatedly tried to target coexistence among the segments of the Syrian people. Although there is coexistence and peace between the components, it is considered a negative peace as a result of the policy of marginalizing one group and giving preference to another. Therefore, the attendees stressed the need for diverse groups to know each other.

When discussing the most prominent challenges that stood in the way of employing diversity in the service of the common good in Syria, the opinions were that dictatorial regimes and military rule had played a negative role through “divide and conquer” policy, in addition to an inherited mindset of exclusion of certain population segments and the need to correct it.

Parties can help in investing diversity in the service of the public good and the ways to employ it. Opinions varied as some preferred to start with governments, political parties that believe in pluralism and are not based on majority, and civil society organizations through awareness programs based on acceptance to bridge the gaps, whose work is still somewhat inadequate, as it has to adopt messaging that support civil peace, in addition to intellectuals and media figures, as well as prominent and influential figures in society, and devote diversity in educational curricula.

The session resulted in a set of recommendations and proposals by the participants, where the participants stressed the need to focus on these dialogue sessions, to include all segments, and to target members of the media, in addition to the need to criminalize hate speech and devote diversity and employ it within the school curricula.