You are currently viewing Diversity investment in Syria.. The second session for Nextep organization in Deir ez-Zor

Diversity investment in Syria.. The second session for Nextep organization in Deir ez-Zor

متوفر باللغة العربية أيضاً
Bi Kurdî jî peyda dibe

Nextep organization held its second session in the city of Deir ez-Zor (a city in eastren Syria) titled “Employing diversity in Syria in the service of common good” on 4/11/2021 via Google meet app with 12 people attending from different societal groups.

As for the evaluation of the diversity effect in the pre and post Syrian war stage, most of the participants confirmed that the Syrian government invested this diversity in a way that served its interests, and gave a false image to the outside that Syrians form a coherent social fabric. But in reality it favored some components at the expense of others, which created a hidden grudge among them that translated into fights and civil war between different components after the Syrian war.

The participants clarified that the most notable challenges that hinder the investment in this diversity positively are the: continuous Syrian war, economic progress wheel stagnation in the country, as well as the bad investment of it by the ruling authorities, in addition to misinterpreting some religious concepts, which affected negatively on the diversity state in Syria.

And some views stated that a lot of parties in the community can contribute in employing diversity in the service of common good including civil society organizations, media and reporters, community influential figures, intellectuals, educational staff, and prompting the ruling authorities on eradicating the sectarian concept.

In regards of the required solutions for the possibility of employing diversity in Syria, the opinions varied, including: activating the civil society organizations role in educating the community to close the gaps among Syrians, canceling and disintegrating the sectarian concept, establishing the citizenship concept, reconsidering the relationship between religion and state, developing laws that incriminate hate speech, and blocking the way of “divide and rule” policy that controls Syrians for a long time.

By holding dialogue sessions, Nextep organization aims to establish the culture of dialogue, accept the other’s opinion, raise issues of public interest, and try to reach solutions that can solve these problems.