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Determinants of a new social contract in Syria on Nextep discussion table in Qamishli

متوفر باللغة العربية أيضاً
Bi Kurdî jî peyda dibe

(Qamishli, Nov 25, 2021) As an extension for the “Syrian–Syrian dialogue” project, Nextep organization held a focused dialogue session about parameters of a new Syrian social contract in the organization’s HQ.

The session was attended by 14 people including politicians, academics and civil activists in order to discuss the tenets of the social contract and what adjustments are needed to fit all Syrians, as well as means to generalize the contract in all Syrian regions.

Most of the participants stressed the importance of the secular state, and adopting decentralization as a system. They also stressed taking all Syrians’ aspirations and interests into consideration.

On the other hand some of the participants saw that it’s necessary to review all of the international and regional agreements for alignment with Syrian interests, in addition to finding a national identity that includes all Syrians, and building a political system away from marginalization and exclusion policies. Thus, including all Syrian community components.

Other attendees stressed the necessity of recognizing the national diversity in the future Syrian constitution, and adopting the other relevant languages in addition to Arabic in the multicultural regions.

Controversy between attendees arose regarding the terms of the social contract. Some opinions emphasized taking into account young people and their aspirations, clarifying the mechanism in distributing and managing the economical resources in terms of its distribution and management by a central or local authority, taking equality into account in distributing these resources in all the regions, and investing it in infrastructure development.

Nextep organization is holding a series of dialogue sessions pertaining to different societal and political issues in order to reach a deeper understanding of these issues and find real solutions for them.